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And the winners are…

The Audience Choice award went to….
RUSSELL CURTIS by Pocket Storms Productions!
(Producers: Chris Cipriano, Matt Ferrin, James P. Gannon and Joseph K. Gannon)

The Big Vision Empty Wallet Creative Vision award went to….
PRIMOGENESIS by Present Day productions!
(Producer: Michael Tosner)

And the Best in Show winner presented by Mythic Bridge went to….
(Producers: Brett Glass and Grier Dill)

Prash NYC

PrashNYC is proud to present “Old Timers”, written by Megan Stein and directed by Carl Conway Maguire, with cinematography by Grier Dill and production design by Brett Warnke.  Carl and Megan have been friends for a long time, and their collective creative drive is relentless, which is why they started making Prash movies last year.  They participated in both previous Fests, taking home the Audience Choice Award from Love Fest with their short “Perfect Timing”.  Carl’s favorite time travel film is Somewhere In Time (1980) with Christopher Reeve, and Megan’s is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) with Keanu Reeves.


C.C. Maguire
Megan Stein

Danny Lane Productions

Director Danny Lane has a wide breadth of knowledge in the arts, and is an active actor, musician and photographer.  His director of photography credits include work for Paragon Models, Red Model Management, and music label 100% Silk.  Along with co-creator Alex Meyers, Lane recently completed his first feature – WEAR – a supernatural suspense film starring Allison Paige Henning and Bronwyn Carrie-Wilson.


Ghostwood Development

Ghostwood Development is a production company founded by director and executive producer Ryan Garretson, featuring co-writer and producer Robyn Nielsen, and producer Vladana Ilic.

Garretson has been studying film since high school and has since earned a BA in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto, and an MA in Media Studies from The New School, where he met and first started collaborating with Ilic.  ”Maximum Stache: Quantum Redeemer” will be his fifth completed short film as a director.

Nielsen attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy’s conservatory for theater and film acting, earning an Associates degree in Dramatic Arts.  She has directed several short plays in NYC and produced the feature films PRE (2009) and How To Score Your Life (2012).

Ilic earned her BA in Comparative Literature in Belgrade, Serbia.  Simultaneously she attended an independent film school where she learned about the basics of film form.  At The New School, she finished her MA in Media Studies and met Garretson, with whom she has been collaborating ever since.  She now directs and teaches film.

Ghostwood has participated in both October 2012′s Spooky Fest and last winter’s Love Fest.  For Flux Fest, Garretson and Nielsen felt inspired to revisit the characters of their award-winning 2010 short film, “Maximum Stache” and see what could happen to them within a story focused on time travel.

Ryan Garretson
Robyn Nielsen


Something Arbitrary

Something Arbitrary is the production company of writer-director Shaun Seneviratne. He has written and directed many short films including Love Fest 2013’s “What About Romance?” His film “How Will We Cross the Seas?” won the audience choice award at the Zero Film Festival. He is currently working on two more short films to shoot this summer, writing his first feature, and working as a teaching artist for BRIC.

For this round of fests, he wanted to work with a tight-knit group of his best friends. Christine Kecher, a film/entertainment MBA candidate and poet, is producing and writing. Michael Irenski, who worked with Shaun on Love Fest 2013’s “What About Romance?”, is co-writing. Neel J. Patel, a photographer, is trying his hand at cinematography this time around. John Mangia, whose work can be seen in Beasts of the Southern Wild and The Amazing Spider-Man, will provide his visual effects expertise.

Shaun Seneviratne’s short film “How Will We Cross the Seas?”


What Inspired the Idea for Your Film?
SS: From the get-go we knew we wanted to play around with a time travel concept that wasn’t science fiction. We also wanted to do something less plot-oriented and more impressionistic. Here are many ideas that influenced the film: memory time travel, Steve Reich’s phasing, eternalism, immortality, closed and open loops, the writings of Jorge Luis Borges (specifically “The Aleph”), nature, Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, and a poem written by Christine Kecher called “Mercy”.

CK: Initially, it was inspired by a poem I wrote. I was also very interested in two articles I read – one was about scientists recently discovered that giving blood from a young mouse to an old mouse can make the old mouse’s heart almost “brand new” again, and one about how scientists believe that in the near future we may be able to “download” ourselves and live forever as androids.

What is Your Favorite Time Travel Film?
SS:  2046, Certified Copy, Last Year at Marienbad

JM: Back to the Future

CK: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Groundhog Day, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Films by Shaun
John Mangia

Jarrod and Tessa

Jarrod Zayas and Tessa Greenberg did not win any superlatives during their formative high school years, but that hasn’t stopped them from winning most available superlatives in life. Both write. Both direct. Both act. Both produce. Tessa edits (Tessa: 1, Jarrod: 0).

T&J Hamburger

They met when Jarrod sent the following email to Tessa after viewing her public access show titled Fun Club:

SUBJECT: Bushwick Projects?/ Gold Stars for Fun Club

Dear Tessa and ‘Friends’,

I’ve always known that Fun Club was filmed in Brooklyn… But today I noticed, not only is it filmed in Bushwick… it’s filmed right next to/on the roof of my building. As an amateur filmmaker, I have to implore: How do I get involved with future projects?

Rainbows and Ice Cream Cones,


Jarrod and Tessa’s first taste of success came when their short film “West High Story” won the Audience Choice award at last October’s Spooky Fest. Their short film “Lovey Jammers” appeared in February’s Love Fest. It did not win anything.

Jarrod and Tessa both have degrees in Theater from schools you probably haven’t heard of and they’ve both appeared in a few shows in New York that you probably haven’t heard of. Tessa was in a band, Jarrod was not (Tessa: 2, Jarrod: 0). Now Jarrod and Tessa make movies together that you’ve probably heard of.

Jarrod’s favorite flux-themed movie is Peggy Sue Got Married. Tessa’s is Back to the Future. Together, they have a page on the World Wide Web where you can watch things they’ve made together. Here it is:

Jarrod and Tessa


Present Day Productions

Present Day Productions founder Michael Tosner built his team for Flux Fest from two amazing Brooklyn based artist communities: Mythic Bridge and The House of Yes.

“Primogenesis”, their submission for the inaugural Flux Fest,  weaves religious and scientific imagery into a narrative exploring the ethics of survival over space and time.

The team includes:
Lead Actress: Natasha King
Actors: Benjamin CerfChiChi Egbuna
Visual effects director: Mo Caicedo
Original Score: Stephen Elkins
AD/AC/Sound Mix/Gaffer: Punit Chhabbra
AD: Laura Weyl
Animator : Chris Scherer
Slow Motion Photography: Allen Ferguson
Music: Crush Distance
Makeup Artist: Jesse Parks
Costume Designer: Ashley Chase
Extras: Gage Cass WoodleMike Konovelchick