Jarrod and Tessa

Jarrod Zayas and Tessa Greenberg did not win any superlatives during their formative high school years, but that hasn’t stopped them from winning most available superlatives in life. Both write. Both direct. Both act. Both produce. Tessa edits (Tessa: 1, Jarrod: 0).

T&J Hamburger

They met when Jarrod sent the following email to Tessa after viewing her public access show titled Fun Club:

SUBJECT: Bushwick Projects?/ Gold Stars for Fun Club

Dear Tessa and ‘Friends’,

I’ve always known that Fun Club was filmed in Brooklyn… But today I noticed, not only is it filmed in Bushwick… it’s filmed right next to/on the roof of my building. As an amateur filmmaker, I have to implore: How do I get involved with future projects?

Rainbows and Ice Cream Cones,


Jarrod and Tessa’s first taste of success came when their short film “West High Story” won the Audience Choice award at last October’s Spooky Fest. Their short film “Lovey Jammers” appeared in February’s Love Fest. It did not win anything.

Jarrod and Tessa both have degrees in Theater from schools you probably haven’t heard of and they’ve both appeared in a few shows in New York that you probably haven’t heard of. Tessa was in a band, Jarrod was not (Tessa: 2, Jarrod: 0). Now Jarrod and Tessa make movies together that you’ve probably heard of.

Jarrod’s favorite flux-themed movie is Peggy Sue Got Married. Tessa’s is Back to the Future. Together, they have a page on the World Wide Web where you can watch things they’ve made together. Here it is: https://vimeo.com/jarrodandtessa.

Jarrod and Tessa


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