4th Dimentia

4th Dementia is a grab bag of multitalented filmmakers; small-scale indie film projects, grad school courses, and friends of friends brought  this band of sort-of-strangers together to form a cohesive group.  Lit Kilpatrick, Phil Henken, and Cale Hughes participated, and to some degree collaborated,  in previous “Fest” Festivals. They are joined by production designer Marissa Sher, making her first “Fest Fest” appearance.  The excitement of Flux Fest has brought us together, and we are happy to contribute to making the world a weirder place.

Cale Hughes is 4th Dementia’s egomanaiacal writer-director (assuming he does not have a breakdown and pass off the reins.) He previously directed “Seek Harbor” for Spooky Fest.

Lit Kilpatrick is assistant directing as well as directing post-production in coordination with Astral Studio (http://www.astral-studio.com). He’s spent the last year writing, directing, and assistant directing a variety of projects, including a film that appeared in the 2013 Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner. You can find his fledgling website at paxcinematica.com.

Philip Henken is acting cinematographer and pulls double duty as motivational encouragement coach/voice of reason. He’s a filmmaker, editor, writer, and graduate of the New School’s Media Studies MA program currently underemployed on film and television productions. His short “Kill It” will be appearing on the film festival circuit any day now.

Marissa Sher is a production designer with experience creating crazy cool sets, props, and graphics for film and TV shoots. Her portfolio is available at marissasher.com.

Pax Cinematica
Phil Henken’s Vimeo
Marissa Sher


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