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Mythic Bridge and Big Vision Empty Wallet Present

Flux Fest 2013
Ten Short Films About Time Travel
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July 28 2013
Doors: 6pm | Screening: 8pm | Afterparty: 10pm
Sandbox Studios Brooklyn – 154 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn


Eventbrite - Flux Fest presented by Mythic Bridge & Big Vision Empty Wallet

Regular Sale: $15 | Doors: $20

Includes 6-Hour Open Bar, Networking, and Performances


The third in an on-going series of festivals, Flux Fest follows in the footsteps of its predecessors – Spooky Fest and Love Fest – in challenging a group of young filmmakers to produce high-quality, entertaining works of cinema inspired by a series of creative prompts drawn by each filmmaking team at random.

With only eight weeks to take their projects from concept to completion, each team works tirelessly for the duration of the challenge to make an accomplished short film “about time travel”, all culminating in a one-of-a-kind night of movie-watching and celebration.
Flux Fest will consist of a pre-screening gathering where all the filmmakers will be present and the screening of all ten short films. Following the screening, there will be an awards ceremony where both a Best in Show and Audience Choice winner will be announced, and finally an after party with a complimentary open bar till midnight.



Old Timers

Two friends turn against each other when one is caught in a decades old lie.

The Misadventures of Incredible Dr. Wonderfoot

A peculiar podiatrist recounts the adventures of his youth to his disinterested apprentice.


A confusing story of a couple that exists for each other and forever.

Maximum Stache: Quantum Redeemer

Two disgraced ex-cops risk everything to rewrite the course of history.

Been Here Before

After learning that her life is not of her own doing, a young woman is torn between her ties to the earth and the impermanence of all things.


A young woman undergoes an experimental treatment to reacquaint herself with her past...with varying results.


A woman protecting a military outpost finds a mysterious device.

Sounds Beautiful

Two research scientists work towards revolutionizing the future of medical science.

The Everlasting Vintage

A champagne aficionado stumbles upon a mysterious gateway to the past.

Russell Curtis

The first man has been sent back in time. Unfortunately our hero's glorious moment is interrupted when he is visited by a future version of himself bent on changing the past for the betterment of both men.




For more information, press inquiries, etc. please contact contact@fluxfest.com.